So how much is this going to cost?Front view of piggy bank isolated on white background

That’s a tough question. You see, different jobs have different rates, based on the specifics. It’s a bit like asking a contractor how much it costs to build a house. It depends on whether you’re talking a two-bedroom craftsman or a ten-bedroom mansion.

That said, there are general ranges that should give you a general idea of what to expect. If your project is pretty much turnkey, you have all other elements in place and just need to get something very straightforward, you’ll be at the lower end of the estimate, but if you need more guidance, project definition of things outside of the normal scope, you’ll likely be on the higher end.

In general, I like to get a good sense of the project’s scope and give a flat fee for the finished product, but if you need help refining that scope, I can charge per hour for my time to help you organize your needs. Once we do that, I can set a flat fee for the remainder.

Here’s a general range of rates for my work:

Project Description Rates
Blog Posts $150 per 500 words
Press Release $125-$500
Website (first page) $200 (additional) $150
Newsletter copywriting $150-$400 per page
E-mail copywriting $75-$800
Direct Mail Sales Letter $250-$1000
White paper (1500 – 2500 words) $1125-$1875
Hourly Charge for extra services/ projects needing organization/etc. $60

 Payment Terms

For new clients or large projects, I require 1/2 of the total as a starting deposit before I begin work.  The final payment will be payable net 10 days after delivery of the finished work.

I accept payments via check or by PayPal, but please be aware that PayPal charges fees of approximately 3%.