Do you only write copy for Orlando businesses?

I am an equal-opportunity contractor. I am more than happy to work for someone from the West Coast, China, or anywhere in between.
Most of my clients communicate with me via email and phone, or Skype if there’s something that they really want me to see.

I don’t see a price range for my project on your list? Do you write other things as well?

My price ranges are listed for reference only, to give you an idea of what I charge for my services. I can write pretty much anything and am happy to give you a custom quote.

Do you work with agencies? Do agencies get a special rate?

I am more than happy to work with agencies. Since my rates are on the more reasonable side of the copywriting world, I like to say that the agencies are entitled to the same great rates that I charge my other clients. I offer everyone the same low prices.

¿Hablas Espanol? Do you speak Spanish?

Si, pero no es mi idioma primera. Mi Espanol es bastante para comunicar con cliente, pero no es bastante para printar.

I speak Spanish, but as a second language. It’s good enough for communication (i.e. if the client prefers to give me project details, etc. in Spanish) but not enough for copywriting.