I ElisaLlamido8was that girl who grew up with her nose in a book. Thank goodness the flat end straightened out or I’d look pretty funny!

I started creative writing, then (when I lived in Los Angeles) screenwriting.  After I started my own production company in 2001, I needed to learn to write copy that could sell.

I dived into research and when I finally came up for air, I had a solid education on how to write killer copy that changes browsers into buyers and puts smiles on the faces of CEOs.

We produced our very first product for less than $1500 and it earned more than $1,000,000 in profit.

Yes, it’s a great product, but all of the sales were done over the internet, so it was the copy that made the sale.

Voila! I found my true calling! And a good use for my BA from the University at Buffalo in New York and my MFA from the University of San Diego.

Years have passed since then and I’ve had the opportunity to hone my skills writing all kinds of copy: direct mail, websites, blogs, press releases, social media, product labels, you name it and I’ve written it or I’ll write it for you.

Contact me and let’s get started!